New IMAGO-Partner: Andrea Savorani Neri

Andrea Savorani Neri is an Italian photographer, filmmaker, and journalist living and working in Paris, France.

He graduated in modern literature from the University of Bologna and has since been investigating the relation between language and image. After a period of research in Spain, France, and Russia, he settled in Paris, where he started teaching at the University of Paris III, Sorbonne Nouvelle, and Université Paris Cité. Under a master’s program financed by the European Union, he began working as a professional journalist, and since 2005, he has been working for international TV networks, news agencies and printed press as a photographer, filmmaker, journalist and documentary producer (Euronews, BBC, Sky tg24, RAI - Italian Public Service Broadcaster, Apcom, L'Espresso, Avvenire, Sette Sere, Pasta Grannies Documentary Channel, HFP Productions, etc). 

Throughout this time, he has collaborated with publishing houses and photographic studios. He attended Guido Guidi’s courses of photography at IUAV in Venice and furthered his exploration of documentary photography through the workshops taught by Guido Guidi, Cuny Janssen, Gerry Johansson, and Peter Fraser. His photographs have been published by Der Spiegel, Le Figaro, Paris Match, Forbes, Télérama, Libération, The Guardian, BBC World, Huffington Post, L'OBS, Le Point, Les Echos, The New York Times, and many other newspapers around the world. His personal photographic research, using a large format 4x5 inch camera, has focused in recent years mainly on the relationship between landscape and social, cultural, and political phenomena. His personal website:





Location: Paris, France

Themenabdeckung:   Politics, Entertainment, Culture, Travel, Economics, Reportage and Science



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