New at IMAGO

Out now: IMAGO Zine #3 LA LIGA

2021-10-06 Introducing #3 in our new IMAGO Zine series, La Liga. Out now!

New IMAGO Partner : Sven Thielmann.

2021-10-01 Sven Thielmann, lives as an author, journalist and photographer in Essen.

New IMAGO Partner : Luca Taddeo.

2021-09-13 Verona-based sports photographer Luca Taddeo covers football including the Serie A league for Hella Verona.

New IMAGO Partner : Claudio Abarca Sandoval.

2021-09-07 Santiago, Chile-based Claudio Abarca Sandoval is a professional photographer trained in photojournalism. 

New IMAGO-Partner : Uta Wagner.

2021-08-27 Photographer Uta Wagner has been close to political events for more than 20 years and adds great shots to the IMAGO archive.

Out now: IMAGO Zine #2 ICONS

2021-08-09 Introducing issue #2 in our new IMAGO Zine series, ICONS. Out now!

New IMAGO Partner : Stephan Debelle.

2021-08-06 Passionate about people, Stephan Debelle specializes in capturing the lives of people in the most beautiful of settings.

New IMAGO Partner : Krystof Kriz.

2021-08-05 Krystof Kriz is an experienced photographer focusing mainly on architecture, landscape and portraiture.

New IMAGO Partner : Elmar Gubisch.

2021-07-27 Educated initially as a frame designer and restorer of antique paintings, Elmar Gubisch became a photojournalist due to his passion for capturing time.

New IMAGO Partner : Ullrich Gnoth.

2021-07-13 Photographer and photojournalist, Ullrich Gnoth lives in Münsingen and with works in the Stuttgart area.

New IMAGO Partner : Chempic.

2021-07-07 Jan Härtel began his photographic passion at the age of 13. Today, his photography spans reportage, sport and current news affairs.

New IMAGO Partner : Roland Hartig

2021-07-05 Roland Hartig is a photographer living in Rostock who works with street, portrait, reportage, architecture, industrial and nature photography.