New at IMAGO

Partner Spotlight: Schrick

2024-06-10 Schrick is a photographer from Frankfurt am Main who photographs sports such as American football and matches of the European League of Football (ELF). He also covers events such as Holiday on Ice.

Partner Spotlight: Nik Erik Neubauer

2024-05-27 Nik Erik Neubauer (1994) is a visual artist and photographer from Ljubljana. In his work, he deals with the intimate social issues of our everyday life with a contemporary documentary approach. He...

Sanjay Trehan joins IMAGO as Advisor for India

2024-05-21 Berlin, Germany, 21.05.2024: IMAGO is pleased to appoint Sanjay Trehan in an advisory role. Trehan is a seasoned digital and new media consultant with a proven track record in the industry.

Partner Spotlight: Samuel Carreño

2024-05-06 Samuel Carreño is a sports photographer who focuses mainly on football. He lives in Granada, Spain, and delivers captivating images from the football scene.

New IMAGO-Partner: EHL Media

2024-04-22 EHL Media, originally founded by Erik-Holm Langhof from Leipzig, is now a team of seven photographers. The daily change in the diverse areas of emergency and current affairs is a constant motivation...

New IMAGO-Partner: Konrad Swierad

2024-04-08 Konrad Swierad is a sports photographer located in Krakow, Poland, who especially loves to shoot speedway and football.

New IMAGO-Partner: Herrmann Agenturfotografie

2024-03-11 Herrmann Agenturfotografie focuses on covering sports, editorial and creative and offers insight into current sporting events, demonstrations and other relevant topics. The collaboration with IMAGO...

New IMAGO-Partner: Benedikt Probst

2024-02-19 Benedikt Probst loves catching the emotions and the atmosphere in sports above all and is always looking for the perfect, but maybe a little different, shot.

IMAGO and FanQ Announce Winners of “Sports Image of the Month January”

2024-02-16 Berlin, Germany, 16.02.2024: IMAGO and FanQ are pleased to unveil the winners of the “Sports Image of the Month January”, a celebration of unforgettable moments in sports and the photographers who...

Mathias Bergeld Wins 2023 Premios Panenka's “Best Photograph of the Year” Award

2024-02-06 Berlin, Germany, 06.02.2024: IMAGO is thrilled to announce that Mathias Bergeld has clinched the title “Best Photograph of the Year” at the 2023 Premios Panenka following a public vote. For the...

New IMAGO-Partner: Paul-Philipp Braun

2024-02-05 Paul-Philipp Braun is an editorial photographer from Erfurt, Germany, covering politics, demonstrations and international travel.

VOTE NOW: 2023 Premios Panenka Best Photograph of the Year Award, Sponsored by IMAGO

2024-01-30 Berlin, Germany, 30.01.2024: IMAGO is pleased to announce the sponsorship of the “Best Photograph of the Year” Award at the 2023 Premios Panenka. This award honors the outstanding talent and...