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Neha Ganeriwal wins in the Independent Photographer category at the World Sports Photography Awards, sponsored by IMAGO

2023-08-16 Berlin, Germany, 16.08.2023:With over 800 images submitted, Neha Ganeriwa was chosen as the winner in the Independent Photographer category of the World Sports Photography Awards. Neha Ganeriwa...

New IMAGO-Partner: Esteban Osorio

2023-08-14 Esteban Osorio is a news, reportage, and editorial photographer. He has worked in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for over five years, covering daily news topics.

Public voting for the IMAGO Photograph of the Year award is now open

2023-08-08 Berlin, Germany, 07. August 2023: This year IMAGO has once again teamed up with the UK Picture Editors Guild to present the IMAGO Photograph of the Year Award as part of the UK Picture Editors Guild...

New IMAGO-Partner: Karsten Eggert

2023-08-07 Karsten Eggert offers images from News, Entertainment, and Creative. The photographer lives in Mecklenburg in Germany and combines his love for travel and nature with photography.

New IMAGO Partner: Hoganphotos

2023-07-31 Hoganphotos was founded in 1995 by the photographer Tom Hogan and quickly evolved into the leading source for award-winning boxing photos for print and digital media worldwide.

New IMAGO Partner: Richard Zubelzu

2023-07-24 Richard Zubelzu is a photographer from Spain who covers current news, politics, demonstrations, events and the royal family.

IMAGO publishes new zine GOALGETTER

2023-07-17 To kick off the Women's World Cup, IMAGO is publishing the zine "GOALGETTER: The FIFA Women's World Cup 2023".

New IMAGO Partner: Jürgen Schwenkenbecher

2023-07-17 Beautiful landscapes, holiday destinations and lonely places - Jürgen Schwenkenbecher captures the scenery away from the masses and shows a different side with his pictures.

New IMAGO Partner: Abaca Press

2023-07-10 Abaca Press is a French photo press agency that has been operating for 30 years and produces reports from all over the world. The agency is located in Paris, New York and Washington DC and covers...

IMAGO partners with UK Picture Editors Guild Awards and presents 'Photograph of the Year' award

2023-07-05 Berlin, Germany, 04. July 2023: IMAGO is delighted to once again partner with the UK Picture Editors Guild Awards and to present the award for "IMAGO Photograph of the Year".First launched in 2022 by...

New IMAGO Partner: Maciek Musialek

2023-07-03 Maciek Musialek is a Polish photographer and videographer based in London, UK.His work focuses on news, documentary photography and video, documenting issues relating to climate change, migration,...

New IMAGO Partner: dts Nachrichtenagentur

2023-06-26 The dts Nachrichtenagentur is dedicated to current news and events from politics, business, entertainment and sport from Germany and around the world.