IMAGO and FanQ Announce Winners of “Sports Image of the Month January”

Berlin, Germany, 16.02.2024:

IMAGO and FanQ are pleased to unveil the winners of the “Sports Image of the Month January”, a celebration of unforgettable moments in sports and the photographers who capture them. The top 10 images, chosen by over 3,000 sports fans, feature moments from soccer, handball, and winter sports, highlighting the European Championship in Germany, the UEFA Euro 2024, and other significant events.



The selection process began with photographers submitting their best shots, which were then reviewed by a jury from IMAGO, SID, Fotoakademie Köln, and FanQ. The top 10 photos were subsequently put to a fan vote.

The winning photo for January, taken by Marcel von Fehrn, captures a pivotal 3:3 goal by HSV attacker Robert Glatzel against Karlsruher SC from behind the goal, receiving an average rating of 3.54 out of five stars. The jury has a clear explanation for this: “For images like this, you put a camera with a remote shutter release behind the goal - the striker turns to celebrate in the Hamburg winter sun, the defender slides into an empty space. Compositionally, the match ball fits perfectly into the scene. This image combines emotion and aesthetics.”

Following closely is Klaus Trotter's photo of the French handball team's celebration at the EURO 2024, with an average rating of 3.22 stars. In third place is Volker Müller's photo of Stuttgart professionals Deniz Undav and Dan-Axel Zagadou, which received 3.16 stars. See the full results here.

Ulla Büchner, Cooperations Manager at IMAGO, extended her warmest congratulations to the winners of the Sports Picture of the Month January. She gave a special mention to Marcel von Fehrn for his image captured from behind the goal, which combines everything sporting in one picture. “All ten photos showcase the talent and diverse perspectives of the photographers," Büchner remarked. She also expressed her satisfaction with the enthusiastic response from fans, noting, “ I am delighted with the lively participation of the fans, which shows how intensively they cultivate their passion and how diverse and emotional sport can be experienced through pictures.”


For more info about the selection, follow the link



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