Mathias Bergeld Wins 2023 Premios Panenka's “Best Photograph of the Year” Award

Berlin, Germany, 06.02.2024:

IMAGO is thrilled to announce that Mathias Bergeld has clinched the title “Best Photograph of the Year” at the 2023 Premios Panenka following a public vote. For the fourth year running, this accolade, sponsored by IMAGO in collaboration with Panenka Magazine, celebrates the exceptional talents of sports photographers.


Bergeld’s award-winning photograph captures an iconic moment of Jennifer Hermoso of Spain celebrating the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 victory in Sydney. Bergeld reflected, “First of all thanks to all who voted. I’m very grateful, happy and honored for this prize as this is also one of the pictures I personally value the highest from last year. It was one of the last pictures I took during the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which I covered from start to finish for my employer Bildbyrån. It was also one of those pictures that you feel as you take it that this will be good, and it turned out the way I planned when I saw her lying on the pitch in that moment of stillness amid the celebrations. So, once again, thank you!”

The Premios Panenka Award celebrates images that capture pivotal moments in sports, from fan celebrations to portraits of famous athletes, showcasing the vibrant and varied essence of the sports world.

For a decade, Panenka Magazine has continued its legacy of honoring sports figures for their cultural and social contributions. This year’s sponsorship by IMAGO marks another milestone in its commitment to this prestigious accolade. 

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