New IMAGO-Partner: Artur Stabulnieks

Artur Stabulnieks is a sports photographer who covers international competitions including the World Cup and Champions League matches.

Being of Latvian origin, he especially enjoys photographing competitions with Latvian athletes for the media.

With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and because of his anti-war position, his family left Russia and he currently lives in Georgia. Here, Stabulnieks discovered with his camera the sports life of the country. He has covered the U-21 EURO 23 and has been taking photos of different local and international events.

Artur Stabulnieks is located in Tbilisi and will cover all international competitions and matches of the Georgian national football team and other sports tournaments. 


"I always try to develop as a photographer. And not only with a camera in hand, but thinking about my career. When I first heard about Imago, I immediately wanted to try it. And when I tried it, I realized that this company is a big step forward for me. Because here I have to improve my level, making my shots competitive. In addition, I took a slightly different look at photography, and began to better understand what shots are important to the audience."




Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Topics covered:  Sport



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