New IMAGO-Partner: Nedrofly Stock

Nedrofly Stock consists of the artist duo Adalberto Rodríguez and Eva Lamapereira, who combine photography with technology to create AI-generated content.

With a remarkable ability to capture aesthetic essence in their photos and videos, they have found their way into the stock photography industry. The AI-generated content reflects their love for beauty in all its forms, from fashion to nature. Moreover, Nedrofly Stock has embraced innovation by incorporating artificial intelligence into their creative process. Adalberto and Eva are in constant pursuit of the perfect image, taking the art of photography to new heights.


"For us, entering the prestigious agency IMAGO is a true pleasure that marks an exciting chapter in our journey. We are honored to join forces with IMAGO and put our passion for photography and technology into practice. We are thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate in creating unique images and harnessing the full potential of artificial intelligence. This partnership allows us to explore new artistic and narrative dimensions, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting creative journey that awaits us in this thrilling endeavor with IMAGO."




Location: Valencia, Spain

Topics covered:  AI-generated content, Sport, Entertainment, Economy, Culture, Travel, Nature, Fashion, Science, Food and Lifestyle

Please note that AI-generated content is excluded from the IMAGO database by default and must be activated in the filter settings.


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