Guillermo Gutierrez Carrascal Wins “IMAGO Best Photo of 2023” Award

Berlin, Germany, 15.01.2024:

Guillermo Gutierrez Carrascal of ZUMA Wire has been awarded the “IMAGO Best Photo of 2023”. This distinction is presented to the photographer whose work has been selected as the most notable of the year.



The award, which recognizes excellence in photojournalism, shortlisted eight of the most compelling photographs from 2023. These images were chosen for their ability to capture significant moments and convey powerful narratives. Guillermo Gutierrez's photograph was ultimately selected as the winner through a public voting process on the IMAGO Instagram channel.

On receiving the award, Guillermo Gutierrez commented, “Winning the IMAGO Best Photo of 2023 is truly an honor, and I am grateful for this recognition. Beyond the personal joy this award brings, I hope it serves as a platform to enhance my visibility within the photography community, opening doors for me to collaborate as a photojournalist with other European media. With the gained visibility, I hope to secure assignments for international media outlets, contributing my perspective and storytelling skills to a global audience. This journey aligns with my deep-seated passion for photojournalism and documentary photography, and I am eager to see how this accolade will facilitate opportunities for growth and learning.” 

The IMAGO Best Photo of 2023 award highlights the importance of photojournalism in documenting and interpreting global events. It celebrates the skill and dedication of photographers who strive to provide meaningful perspectives through their work. 
For more information and to explore the shortlist, click here.



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