New IMAGO Partner : Elmar Gubisch.

Educated initially as a frame designer and restorer of antique paintings, Elmar Gubisch became a photojournalist due to his passion for capturing time.

Austrian photographer, Elmar Gubisch has always been interested in collating information and documenting events and became a press photographer with his first job in a warzone of Yugoslavia. Taking thousands of photographs to distill this event in time, one of his photographs featured solo on the front cover for three consecutive days nationwide and exclusively. 

Now an established photojournalist, his work covers a wide range of topics from fun to dangerous events but always with a love of the labor put into capturing the best moments for his audience. 

His work at IMAGO spans topics; Reportage, lifestyle, economy, nature, travel, culture, and more.




"Get in second go out first."




Location : Austria.

Topics Covered : Reportage, Lifestyle, Economy, Nature, Fashion, Science, Travel, Food, Entertainment, Culture, Other.


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