New IMAGO-Partner: Justus Stegemann

Justus Stegemann is a sports photographer from Hamburg. He photographs a wide range of sports, from basketball, water polo, volleyball and football to beach volleyball and covers World and European Championships as well as major national events.

Stegemann focuses on personality and emotions of the athletes - he describes his photography as "modern sports photography". 




"After my own semi-professional career as an athlete, I didn't own a respectable sports photo of myself to proudly show others - that was one of the reasons I finally got into photography: taking a picture of others that makes them proud of themselves is my biggest motivation."



Stegemann achieved his breakthrough with beach volleyball. Today, it is impossible to imagine sport without his pictures.



Stegemann will cover many sporting events this year, including the European Beach Volleyball Championships in Vienna, the World Beach Volleyball Championships in Mexico, the Special Olympics in Berlin, the Floorball Final Four in Berlin and the DVV Cup Final in Mannheim.

"Finally, I can step out of the shadow and make my photos available to a broad mass. I am glad to have found a reliable partner in IMAGO."


Location: Hamburg, Germany

Topics covered: Sport


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