New IMAGO-Partner: Klumpen Sportfoto

Klumpen Sportfoto is an independent photo agency based in the western Münsterland region and was founded by Christian Klumpen in 2013. 

Christian Klumpen came to photography through his passion for football and has continued to grow as a self-taught photographer ever since. Through his work, he has the opportunity to live out his love of sport and at the same time inspire people with his images. Since then, the photo agency has developed into a successful provider of high-quality sports photos for local amateur and semi-professional sports. 

Klumpen Sportfoto produces high quality images that deliver both visual and technical excellence.
The agency offers a wide range of sporting events from football, handball, volleyball and tennis to equestrian, cycling and martial arts. 



"IMAGO is a strong partner for Klumpen Sportfoto, as both companies share the same goals and quality standards."





Location: Western Münsterland, Germany

Topics covered: Sport


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