New IMAGO Partner: Martin Erdniss

Martin Erdniss is a photographer from Lower Bavaria with a special focus on landscapes.

With his camera, he captures the facets of nature - from rugged mountain ranges and impressive sunsets to detailed shots of insects, animals and plants. 

Erdniss, who lives in the Deggendorf district of Bavaria, likes to experiment with the landscape that surrounds him. His crystal ball photos are taken in all places and situations and reflect the crystal clear lakes, green meadows and special features of the Alps around him. 

He also enjoys capturing fireworks with his camera. So Erdniss will photograph the "Donau in Flammen" fireworks event in Vilshofen as well as the Alpine mountain fire at solstice and various Christmas markets and other events.




"Entering the German photography market with IMAGO will be very exciting for me.'''



Location: Bavaria, Germany

Themenabdeckung:  Travel, Nature


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