New IMAGO Partner : Martin Stein.

Increasing the visibility of women's football is the declared goal of Leipzig-based photographer Martin Stein.

Photography has always played a part in the life of Martin Stein. His father had set up a photo lab in the family bathroom. As soon as he started school, Stein got his own analogue 35mm camera, which was followed by an SLR after his first earnings. In the beginning, he went on the hunt for lost places, later he added people and artistic photography to his portfolio.

At some point, Martin Stein found himself rather accidentally with his camera on the sidelines of a women's football match. From then on it was obvious that there was still a lot to do in this field. He believes that women's football in Germany still receives too little attention and is too rarely noticed. His goal is to change that: "The kicking gals deserve the big stage. Better sooner rather than later."

Martin Stein is the club photographer for RB Leipzig's women's football team.



"There is a lot of talk about women's football deserving more attention. IMAGO helps me do my part to increase visibility."



Location: Leipzig, Saxony, Germany.

Topics Covered: Sport.

Events Covered: mainly home games, season openings and celebrations of the RB Leipzig's women's team.

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