New IMAGO-Partner : Maximilian Koch

Growing up in the world of competitive sports, Maximilian Koch has followed major sporting events in Germany for the last 10 years.

Raised from a family of cyclists, it was clear to him after acquiring his first camera that he was better behind the lens than on the bike. In 2012, he signed with the Marc Rühl agency following major gallop horse racing events throughout Germany.
Now also covering the German penny DEL ice hockey league, the Handball Bundesliga, as well as the regional and third division football leagues since 2021, Koch brings sports coverage from around his hometown of Wuppertal and the Düsseldorf - Cologne region to IMAGO. 

He strives to photograph fleeting moments and to find creative ways to capture sports - mixing emotion, excitement and speed.




"I am excited to have a reliable partner like IMAGO by my side, who can support my future projects."




Ort: Wuppertal, Germany 

Themenabdeckung: Sport.



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