New partnership between FUNKE and IMAGO: More than 5 million images of the media company will also be distributed via IMAGO in the future

Berlin, Germany, 01. March 2023: FUNKE and IMAGO continue to expand their network and announce a joint partnership.

The collaboration means that images and videos created in the day-to-day editorial work by FUNKE's around 100 photographers at different locations throughout Germany will also be available for licensing via IMAGO's channels to clients from media, organizations and institutions.

"The partnership between IMAGO and FUNKE is an enrichment for both companies," says Markus Kohl, CEO at IMAGO. "IMAGO as an internationally fast-growing, leading German visual content agency and FUNKE as one of the largest German media houses mutually strengthen each other through this new collaboration."

At FUNKE, Oliver Multhaup, managing director of FUNKE Foto & Video, is responsible for implementing the partnership. "With this cooperation, we are taking an important step toward marketing our high-quality photography, with its variety of topics and quality, on a larger scale." The media group's subsidiary has already been offering its images and videos for sale for several years. "Through the new collaboration, we are pleased to have a large and globally active partner. This kind of cooperation between a publisher and an agency is unique in the German market."

The collaboration further expands IMAGO's offering and enables even broader coverage of local, regional, national and international topics from politics, society, culture, sports, and current news as well as reportage, photo shoots, portraits and home stories.
Heiko Herzberger, Managing Director of IMAGO stock & people GmbH, says: "At IMAGO, we see ourselves as a provider with great depth and breadth of content. Our goal is to be able to cover relevant events for our customers on a regional level as well. We see FUNKE Mediengruppe as an important partner for this."
With over 25 years of experience, IMAGO serves more than 10,000 national and international customers. Not only in the German-speaking core market but also internationally, IMAGO offers the opportunity to provide FUNKE images to a broader clientele, enabling events with international relevance to have a wider reach.

"We have a strong network of outstanding photographers throughout Germany," affirms FUNKE Managing Director Christoph Rüth. "Our photographs and videos depict important events throughout Germany on a regional level. We are thus adding exceptional and local quality to IMAGO's portfolio." 
FUNKE always ensures that third-party licensing rights are available for all images for licensing.

The complete archive of 5 million images is gradually being made available and can be found with FUNKE's daily 1,000 new productions in the IMAGO database under the Credit Funke Foto Services.

About FUNKE Foto & Video:

FUNKE's fully-owned subsidiary FUNKE Foto & Video is an independent photo agency and a full member of the German Association of Press Photo Agencies and Archives (BVPA). All permanent photographers at the various locations of the media group, as well as around 70 freelance photographers, work for the agency. Currently, the archive of FUNKE Foto & Video consists of more than 5 million images from all FUNKE locations, all of which can now also be accessed via IMAGO.


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About IMAGO:

IMAGO is one of the world's leading providers of visual content and the market leader in German-speaking countries. IMAGO works with over 500 international agencies and over 1500 freelance photographers and serves over 10,000 top international clients. Smaller companies can also access the entire database via IMAGO's website. The IMAGO database currently contains over 240 million videos and images - in all areas from sports, editorial (news, entertainment), creative and archive. Over 100,000 images are added daily.


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