Premios Panenka: Best Photograph of the Year.

Discover the Top Ten nominations from IMAGO & vote for your winner.

IMAGO are excited to announce The Best Photograph of the Year Award in partnership with Panenka Magazine. Honored to be sponsoring the award featured in this year's Premios Panenka, awarding sports photographers with the recognition they deserve. 

Presenting the award for Best Photograph of the Year, IMAGO have nominated some of our most outstanding photographers and their images that have captivated audiences. From scenes of celebration from dedicated fans to famous figures in sport, our photographers have distilled moments in sporting culture.

For the eighth consecutive year, Panenka pays tribute to figures of our sport for their cultural, social and triumphant values. Working in partnership, IMAGO are honored to be a part of this year's awards in celebration of soccer culture and the names on the other side of the camera.

Voting is now LIVE! Head to the link to cast your vote and meet our nominees.

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Voting closes 00:00 CET 4 February 2022. Winner to be announced 7 February 2022.


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