Premios Panenka: Best Photograph of the Year Winner Announced.

We're excited to announce Sarah Rauch from NordPhoto Agency, as the winner of this years award, voted for by you.

After the announcement of The Best Photograph of the Year Award in partnership with Panenka Magazine, a week long public vote has awarded German sports photographer, Sarah Rauch the title. With a layered and exciting composition, the winning image capturing Erhan Masovic's goal celebration after scoring a penalty received an outstanding amount of votes.

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"Erhan Masovic's goal celebration shows how much weight lifted from his shoulders as a penalty taker when he netted the ball. Previously, all shooters had scored, which made it more and more dramatic. Embedded by teammates and opponents, the photo forms an exciting overall composition."


Sarah Rauch, A Short Biography:

"Growing up on the North Sea coast of Bremerhaven, my path led me to the Ruhr area via stations in Bremen and Hanover. Always in the luggage: a camera and a soccer ball. During my photography studies at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, I began to combine these two passions. After completing my bachelor's degree in 2015, I chose the direct path to self-employment. The subject of sports, with all its facets, quickly became my specialty, which also resulted in the cooperation with the photo agency NordPhoto, for which I have now been working regularly in the stadiums of the Republic for seven years. A matter close to my heart are assignments for the organization Special Olympics. I regularly accompany the athletes with intellectual disabilities to sporting events around the world."



Congratulations to all our Top Ten nominated photographers featured in this year's line-up, stay tuned to hear more from our sports photographers and their stories over on our magazine and via our website.

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