New IMAGO Partner : Roland Hartig

Roland Hartig is a photographer living in Rostock who works with street, portrait, reportage, architecture, industrial and nature photography.

For the trained marine engineer, his photographic work began in the early 1980s in a professionally guided photo club and with excursions as well as exhibitions. Today he works as a photojournalist and reports on political, social events taking place in his immediate surroundings.

His favourite topics are society, economy, culture, football, maritime and humour. Many of his photographs on contemporary history have been published in books.

The passionate chronicler and city reporter also has an extensive black-and-white photo archive that goes back decades and documents political movements, people and events from the GDR.




"Photography lives through IMAGO."




Location: Rostock, Germany.

Themes Covered: Reportage, Politics, Culture, Nature, Lifestyle, Economy, Travel.

Events Covered: Concerts, Theatre, Exhibitions, City Reports, Maritime, Street reportage around FC Hansa and other events. 


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