The Game Magazine Launches Its First Printed Edition, “Celebrating Photography by IMAGO”

Berlin, Deutschland, 27.09.2023:
The Game Magazine has announced the release of its inaugural printed edition, “Celebrating Photography by IMAGO.” Established in 2020 by IMAGO, the magazine has been a central hub for photography enthusiasts and professionals, offering a space for exploration, learning, and growth within the field.

The Game Magazine


In a letter to The Game Magazine’s audience Markus Kohl, CEO, and Sophie Romeiss, COO of IMAGO,  regarding the first print release state, “In our third year, we made a move to showcase a selection of the great contributions of our partners within the first-ever The Game print edition.”

They shared their insights in the same letter, expressing their commitment to providing a platform for photographers and visual creators worldwide. They noted, “For this issue, we selected several interviews with photographers and visual creators from all over the world, with the aim of giving them a voice and celebrating their invaluable hard work and inspirational determination.”

The Game Magazine's first printed edition, encompassing various sectors within the visual content industry, is not solely targeted at photographers. It aims to engage the larger community involved in the production, curation, and utilization of visual content. The magazine notes, “Our aim is to embrace the whole community around the use of visual content, including picture editors, equipment manufacturers, marketing and media specialists, and many more.”

This edition is organized into three primary categories: Editorial, Behind the Lens, and Sports, aiming to offer a broad perspective on the world of photography and visual content. Interested parties can obtain a copy by directly contacting The Game Magazine.



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