New IMAGO-Partner: Vincenzo Circosta

Vincenzo Circosta is an Italian photojournalist who deals with conflict, politics, migration, social unrest and climate change.

He has covered the war in Ukraine for four months now, moving between Odessa, Mikolaiv, Kryvyi Rih and Donbas. Also following the migrant crisis with the NGO SOS Mediterranee Ocean Viking, Vincenzo is not afraid to venture into the unknown. 

Vincenzo hopes to cover major conflict zones, maintaining a loyalty to truthful and honest reportage in his photos. He collaborated with National Geographic America last June and his photos have been featured on leading media outlets such as Deutsche Welle, The Washington Post, The Associated Press and Süddeutsche Zeitung

With IMAGO, he has also covered events surrounding the elections and the impacts of climate change in Italy.  




“I think being part of IMAGO is a good growth opportunity for me.”



Location: Rom, Italien

Topics covered: Reportage, Culture, Science, Nature, Travel, Politics


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