New at IMAGO

New IMAGO-Partner: Florencia Tan Jun

2022-10-31 Since signing with IMAGO, Florencia Tan Jun has followed FC Barcelona and the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

New IMAGO-Partner: Jannis Chavakis

2022-10-28 The Berlin-based photographer, Jannis Chavakis, concentrates his reportages on aesthetics and impactful storytelling.

IMAGO Mourns the Death of Michael Heuberger.

2022-10-25 The nationally and internationally respected sports photographer who was an important partner and close companion of IMAGO.

New IMAGO-Partner: The Picture Pantry

2022-10-24 The Picture Pantry is now one of the most respected food stock libraries in the world.

New IMAGO-Partner: Melina Waliczek

2022-10-21 Melina Wilczek is a press photographer who covers politics and culture in Germany.

New IMAGO-Partner : Enzo Santos Barreiro

2022-10-17 Enzo Santos Barreiro based in Uruguay covers sports in his home country with a focus on football.

New IMAGO-Partner : Marcelo Guelber Góes

2022-10-14 Marcelo Guelber Góes (@guelbergoes) originally from Brazil, is a sports photographer based in Portugal.

IMAGO gives spotlight to photojournalists throughout October.

2022-10-13 IMAGO focus their attention on photojournalism this October in light of their UK Picture Editor Guild sponsorship.

New IMAGO-Partner : Maximilian Koch

2022-09-30 Growing up in the world of competitive sports, Maximilian Koch has followed major sporting events in Germany for the last 10 years.

Vote IMAGO Picture of the Year at the UK Picture Editor Guild Awards.


IMAGO attend the World Football Summit in Sevilla.

2022-09-28 IMAGO media representatives in attendance at this year’s World Football Summit held in Sevilla, Spain for the first time.

New IMAGO Partner : Andrea Rosito

2022-09-26 Covering Italian news and sport, Andrea brings passion and years of dedication to his work.